Dries Van Noten A/W Women Collection 2020 - 21

Dries Van Noten A/W Women Collection 2020 - 21

Dries Van Noten
The collection for Women A/w 2020 - 21


Nocturnal Glamour
Evoking the sultry smokiness of the femininity conjured by the make-up of Serge Lutens. London’s Camden Palace and Mud Club and an expression of the many schools of style that a club night might convene.
Hard romantic,
The Flamboyance of the night
The mystery of elegance A ray of shadow.
A Theatrical Party Girl / Bella Donna / Vamp / Iconoclast
Familiar styles heightened for the night, from punk, rockabilly, disco, liberty and dark Hawaiian prints, 1930's Hollywood, 80's Japan, matt minimalism and shimmering maximalism.
Boots from Kinky Stiletto to Glam rock platforms.


A gathering of silhouettes: the variety of night. Men’s tailoring - sleek to oversize - to the sheer elongated and feminine. Wools and cottons of the city and country. From subtle and discreet to the extravert and exaggerated. From tightly wound to louche comfort, peignoir to suiting. Saharienne, one piece overalls, sheath dress, rubberised trench coat. Plisse soleil, batwing evening dresses, capes.


Night and dusk and day. Shadowy matt and shine. Shades of wine. Verdant acids. Cognac, Bucolic greens and blues, Traditional tartans. Purple, lilac, beetle, orange, olive, emerald, lapis, gun metal.


Matt & Metals, Translucent latex, Traditional velvets and Devoré
, faux shearling, Urban, rustic, diaphanous, raw denim, crepe e soie, satin, quilting, georgette, Bonded wool bouclé. Luxurious poplin.


Dark Hawaii. Python. Tattoo. Florals - exaggerated Iris. Ruching, feathers, iridescent circles, biker studs, sequins and micro beading. Fringing, bugle beading, 3D flowers adorn cuffs and hems.


Boots: Kinky Patent and Suede Spikes to Glam platforms in leather and Jacquards. Glittering crochet flower chokers. Leather Biker and Diamante rope belts. Ball & asymmetrical earrings, Black lace stockings, faux fox stoles, Gold spheres necklaces. Soft bags in leather and jacquards. Voluminous alpaca knit scarves.


Opera de Batille, Paris


Michelle Guverich "Party Girl"
Michelle Guverich "Let's Part In Style"
Suicide "Too Fine For You"

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